The Surrogate Parent Plan Book will be released soon, as I am nearly finished.

The book will include the topics listed below.

I don’t intend to sell the book, except I will sell a condensed version on Amazon for 99c to capture a larger audience for the free version I will be publishing from this website.

I am aware that many special needs parents don’t need ANOTHER cost, so I want The SPP Book to be free wherever possible.

On my podcast you can listen to me reading out the first few chapters I wrote a while ago, and the more recent work I’ve written will be released with the book as a final product.

I do intend to have the book printed, but not initially.

When my book is finished I will put a full copy here for anyone to download.

Thank You,
Kate Luella


1/ Welcome


What is the TSPP?

Why am I writing TSPP?

What is TSPP for?


What inspired me to write this book?

Other inspirations

2/ Some quick Q&A

How much does TSPP actually cost to put in place?

A word on nursing homes

Can any child’s level of disability be incorporated to TSPP?

Is this book about fundraising?

Can TSPP fail?

Final reality check

3/ On a Personal Note

4/ Is this book really necessary

Remember this is all about choice

5/ To all you parents of special needs kids

A general lack of understanding is always near us

The problem with professionals is…

Your SPP for your Adult-child

6/ Where should you start

Money Makes the World go Round

People will be People

Dot the “i”s

7/ Raising money

Low income earners

Middle income earners

High income earners



  1. Our wishes for Rosie
  2. Our SPP (Who to make SP, where they are to live, how will it be possible?)
  3. Enabling “our wishes” (money, legal & the management of the plan)

1/ Dear Rosie

  1. My wishes for Rosie when the time comes (in one paragraph)
  2. Meaning of the letter
  3. Contents/objective of the letter
  4. Reviewing the Letter later
    1. Dear Rosie, from Mum

2/ Questions you need to answer as best you can before you create your SPP

  1. Identify your child’s specific needs & abilities
  2. Find the right settings for your child to reside in for life
  3. Will your ideal setting exist when the time comes?

3/ How to choose a SP to stand the test of time

4/ Legal Instructions upon our death

  1. If she is under 18 years of age
  2. If she is over 18 years
  3. The Trust Fund Committee members (TTFC)
  4. The TFC Responsibilities
  5. Trust Fund Manager (TFM)

5/ Money Matters

  • Where you fall in the “bracket” will change everything
    • Low
    • Middle
    • High
  • Now
  • Ongoing
  • After death
  • Life Insurance (a necessary evil)
  • Saving
  • Investing
  • Fundraising
  • In Trust

6/ Getting help for your Plan

  1. Who can you ask to help you today?
  2. Financial Planning
  3. Legal Stuff
  4. Your SPP Checklist
  5. Write an “Intentions List” for the TFC
  6. Letter’s to all Key Players
  7. RE: Liam (ie siblings etc)
  8. Our current financial commitments

APPENDIX (free downloads online)

SPP Checklist

Financial Projection Excel Spreadsheet

Letter Templates